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Descriere: epaselect epa09690556 A Nepalese Hindu devotee takes a holy bath in the Salinadi River during the first day of the Madhav Narayan festival in Sankhu on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, 17 January 2022. The month-long festival includes religious fasting, holy bathing and the study of the Swasthani book, a chapter or story of which is read each evening by priests or householders to the gathered family. More than 100 married and unmarried women and dozens of male devotees started their month-long fast for better life and peace at temple premises. Unmarried women take the fast to get a good husband and married women for their families' prosperity. The festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the god of creation and destruction. EPA/NARENDRA SHRESTHA
Cuvinte cheie: epaselect
ID fotografie: 15234652
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: SANKHU - Nepal
Dimensiune: 5055 x 3415 px
Realizat: 2022-01-17
Introdus: 2022-01-17 13:03:31


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