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Descriere: epa08774376 ATTENTION EDITORS\r\n\r\nThis advisory is followed by 50 images from the Yearender selection on Economy, Business and Finance. \r\n\r\nThe global economy was strongly influenced by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic that had a negative impact on nations' economies, sparing no sector as it still continues to keep the world in its grip.\r\n\r\nStock markets around the globe saw dramatic losses due to the outbreak, while the global GDP forecast for 2020 was reduced by economists to some 2,4 per cent from 3,0 per cent, a loss of several trillion USD. Millions of people lost their jobs or were forced to rely on various government or company furlough schemes. Some of the worst hit economic sectors were supply chains, industrial production due lower general demand for goods, the services sector and tourism and travel where up to 120 million jobs were at risk. Consumer and household spending on leisure, including restaurants and entertainment differed from nation to nation and at times reached lows of minus 80-90 per cent from the pre-Coronavirus levels, based on data compiled by Financial Times.\r\n\r\nWhile sings of recovery were beginning to emerge in 2nd quarter 2020, so were signs in 3rd quarter of a second wave of the pandemic. *** Local Caption *** 55496256 EPA/EPA *** Local Caption *** 55496256
Cuvinte cheie: yearender 2020
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Autor: EPA
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Realizat: 2020-10-15
Introdus: 2020-10-26 10:44:31


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