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Descriere: epa08524635 Members of the German Bundestag parliament are seen in a first attemtp to vote over the coalition's law proposal for phasing-out coal based energy at the Bundestag in Berlin, Germany, 03 July, 2020. The ruling CDU/CSU and SPD coalition's law passed with a majority. German legislators debated the future of coal based energy in the country with a deadline of the year 2038, distribution of aid and budget to localities affected by the phase-out and possible compensation to the coal-based energy production companies. In a later Division of The Assembly, dubbed 'Hammelsprung' (lit. Wether Jump) style voting, members left the plannery hall and then re entered via a Yes, No or Abstained dedicated door, with the the vote is then counted. EPA/OMER MESSINGER
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ID fotografie: 13849870
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: BERLIN - Germany
Dimensiune: 6720 x 4480 px
Realizat: 2020-07-03
Introdus: 2020-07-03 14:15:41


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