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Descriere: epa08524592 Romanian film director, screenwriter and professor Cristi Puiu â€' hailed by critics as the standardbearer of Romania's cinematic 'New Wave' â€' gestures during an interview conducted at his family residence in Bucharest, Romania, 30 June 2020 (issued 03 July 2020). Puiu, one of the European country's most lauded directors, shot three of his movies on celluloid while relying on the services of the local film processing company Cinelabs. Although the use of celluloid stock in the modern movie industry has been almost completely phased out and replaced by digital filmmaking, some stubborn directors and studios are trying to keep the classic medium alive. One such company is Cinelabs, a collaborative Romanian-Spanish venture that offers post-production services and archiving in both formats. It is the only film lab in the European Union that has the technical capabilities to offer the full services required for shooting an entire film on celluloid support. It has been involved in some major projects such as the blockbuster war epic 'Cold Mountain' (2003), the biopic 'Callas Forever' (2002) or the comedy-drama 'Closer to the Moon' (2013). Other Romanian films with Cinelabs involvement have garnered success at prestigious international festivals such as Cannes; for example, the 2016 movies 'Dogs' by Bogdan Mirica, 'Graduation' by Christian Mungiu and 'Sieranevada' by Puiu. EPA/ROBERT GHEMENT ATTENTION: This Image is part of a PHOTO SET
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ID fotografie: 13849821
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: Bucharest - Romania
Dimensiune: 6209 x 4071 px
Realizat: 2020-06-30
Introdus: 2020-07-03 13:56:05


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