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Descriere: epa09848532 (27/29) Nadia, a Ukrainian refugee from Odesa practices her German using a Russian German method book during a bus trip from Moldova to Germany, on the road in Austria, 18 March 2022. Nadia has been lined up to stay with a host family in a village near Hamburg in Germany, she has her room and is already looking for German classes and a job as soon as she gets her COVID-19 vaccinations. While the refugees will go their separate ways, they are united in the hope that this situation they have been plunged into is just temporary â€' they all want to return home as soon as the war ends and pray that they find the men they left behind doing well and their homes still standing. Exhausted but resilient, they are thankful to be alive and are determined to survive, return home, and rebuild their shattered lives.\r\nSome 73 Ukrainians, women, children, and a few men fled the conflict mostly from the southern Ukraine area, boarded the bus organized by the Be An Angle German NGO, to travel to safety in Germany. After checking that they had travel documents the NGO arranged for them to be taken to various locations in Germany where they would have the temporary asylum status and receive assistance for lodging for a while until the conflict ends or they find a longer-term solution. EPA/AMEL PAIN ATTENTION: For the full PHOTO ESSAY text please see Advisory Notice epa...
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ID fotografie: 15447172
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: AUSTRIA - Austria
Dimensiune: 6720 x 4480 px
Realizat: 2022-03-18
Introdus: 2022-03-25 13:34:13


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